4 Overdone Halloween costumes We’re Kind of Getting Tired of

Okay, we’re not calling ourselves costume connoisseurs or anything like that. But you have to admit, seeing the same trite costumes year after year does get a little tiresome. And part of the fun of Halloween is supposed to be how much thought and effort you put into your costume. We’re not saying any of these costumes are horrible ideas. We’re just saying, maybe it’s time to put some of these tired, overdone Halloween costumes to rest, if only for a couple years at least.


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Spice Up These Overdone Halloween Costumes

Ketchup and MustardOverdone Halloween Costumes

Can you name a more iconic duo? We definitely can. This has to be the quintessential last minute Halloween costume for best friends. We don’t fully understand the condiments-craze when it comes to Halloween costumes. We’re pretty sure in most cases, this isn’t the first idea two friends propose when deciding to do a duo-costume. But, we’re pretty sure it was their last, and easiest idea.

Throw A Unique Spin: Okay, so maybe you’re just bent on the whole ketchup mustard concept. Cool. There’s plenty of other ways you and your friend can pull this off these overdone Halloween costumes without being tethered to the whole bottle or packet look.

A crisp, red or mustard colored t-shirt with matching red/mustard pants could go a long way. Top if it off with a matching skullie and you’ve got yourself a makeshift costume with casual clothes. Alternatively, you may want to go the “classy” route, and wear a red or mustard (or yellow, we’ll all catch the drift) colored suit. With ketchup and mustard packets popping out of the breast pocket just to really hit the message home.

Waldo (or Wally, if you didn’t grow up in North America)overdone Halloween costumes

Where’s Waldo? Where’s WALDO?? We found him…he’s right over here, and there..and over there, and there too, wait-wait. Isn’t this guy suppose to be hard to find? Well, he’s apparently at every Halloween party ever.

If you’re not familiar with the puzzle book series, then you’re probably somewhere even Waldo himself couldn’t hide. The immensely popular Where’s Waldo books are essentially visual games wherein huge, detailed scenery drawings that feature tons of characters are spread (usually) across two pages, and the object is to find the titular character amidst all the commotion.

Created by English cartoonists Martin Handford, the books have seen success in a multitude of countries, and Waldo himself has remained fairly relevant for decades as a pop culture icon. So relevant in fact, that every year, you will find a number of Waldo’s at any party, bar, and college campus on Halloween.

No matter where you’re celebrating Halloween; New YorkMiamiChicago, or even San Francisco, you’ll find Waldo.

Throw A Unique Spin: Remember Waldo’s arch-nemesis Odlaw? We don’t either, but apparently, he exists. If you couldn’t tell, his name is a palindrome of Waldo. We’re not exactly sure how or why Waldo has a villain and even less sure about what Odlaw actually does, either way, you’ll have plenty of fun correcting people the whole night that your “not Waldo.”  If that’s your idea of fun.

Zombifying an already generic Halloween costume 

Is the whole zombie-craze over yet? Not that we hate zombies or anything, it’s just in the couple years that followed The Walking Dead’s success, everything suddenly became all about zombies.  More zombie tv shows, zombie movies of every genre (even zombie romantic comedies), and zombie merchandise for every established franchise.

Somewhere along the years, it became trendy to spice up an already bland costume by making it zombified. It’s an easy enough concept, and everyone just swarmed to it. Simply zombifying their already overdone Halloween costumes; like a zombie-Hot Nurse, zombie-Cat, zombie-cheerleader, zombie-doctor, zombie-Waldo, you name it. 

That isn’t to say zombies don’t have their place in Halloween. But maybe, just maybe could give the undead a rest, if only for just this Halloween. Are we asking for too much?

Throw A Unique Spin: At this point, it’d be really hard to throw a unique spin on the whole zombie-thing. But really hard doesn’t mean impossible. You could be really subversive and be an un-zombified, or “cured” zombie. Which is basically the torn up clothes look, minus the facepaint and fake blood. Or you could zombify something really mundane like…a zombie accountant?

Overdone Halloween Costumes

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Power Rangers

Probably the most famous foursome since The Beatles, the Ninja Turtles make their way into every Halloween party. And with good reason, these characters have endured for decades, and are still popular to this day. Same goes for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, or Super Sentai if you want to keep it authentic.  

So here’s the thing, we get that generations grew up with both of these shows, and they’re good shows. That’s why they’ve endured for so many decades and continue to pump out new iterations that are extremely successful. But, and here us out here….aren’t these two teams just a little more than just a little played out?

Throw A Unique Spin: Look, we get it. You wanna do a cool group costume with your friends based on a childhood superteam.  But there’s so many to choose from, why only stick to the predictable ones? There’s a lot of obscure, really cool looking kids tv show super teams out there. You’ve got the Samurai Pizza Cats, Street Sharks, The Biker Mice From Mars, and plenty more. In fact, we could do a whole list of super team alternatives.

All jokes aside, it really doesn’t matter what costume you come to the party in this Halloween. The most important part is that your being safe and having a good time. That being said, what cliche costumes are you tired of seeing every year? Let us know on social media!

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