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Where to Celebrate your Chicago Halloween in 2017!

Celebrate your Halloween in Chicago with one of these great events or our Chicago Halloween cruises this year. From family-friendly events to exclusive adult only events, we have exactly where you should start your Chicago Halloween celebration this year. Check out these great Chicago Halloween events for 2017 and start planning your celebration today! 2017 Chicago Halloween Events and Cruises

Our Chicago Halloween Cruises and Events

Halloween may be on a Tuesday this year, but that isn’t stopping us from helping you celebrate this year right. We have amazing Chicago Halloween events going down this year that you just can’t miss! From Chicago Halloween cruises to a huge Halloween celebration at the Grand Ballroom, we definitely need to celebrate with us. Check out our Chicago Halloween

Start your Chicago July 4th Celebration with Us!

Celebrating an unforgettable July 4th is definitely on everyone’s mind every single year. You can definitely tell when July 4th is around with the abundance of red, white, and blue decorations and all the sales on your favorite items to grill. This year, July 4th falls on a Tuesday, which for some may be an inconvenience, but it’s definitely no excuse to not

Celebrate your Chicago Halloween with Us!

Celebrate your Chicago Halloween with one of our exclusive events. We have the best Chicago Halloween cruises and parties to celebrate Halloween this year. Whether you’re looking to celebrate Halloween early over the weekend or on the actual Tuesday, we have events just for you! Check out all of our Chicago Halloween events this year and book your tickets today.

Sail on Our Weekly Chicago Party Cruises

Have you been searching around for some plans in Chicago, but can’t seem to find anything to do? You’ve searched all over but nothing is striking you with the perfect event. Maybe you’ve been searching up Chicago booze cruises, but haven’t found anything that fits your preference. Well, to help make your searching a little easier, book your tickets on

Sail on Our Chicago After Work Cruises

The workweek can leave anyone feeling drained and stressed out. No matter what day of the week it is, work just seems to always stress you out. The worse is coming back to work from a fun weekend and feeling the pressure from all the work that’s due. If you’re searching for an after work escape this week, we have