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Start your Chicago July 4th Celebration with Us!

Celebrating an unforgettable July 4th is definitely on everyone’s mind every single year. You can definitely tell when July 4th is around with the abundance of red, white, and blue decorations and all the sales on your favorite items to grill. This year, July 4th falls on a Tuesday, which for some may be an inconvenience, but it’s definitely no excuse to not

Viewing the 2017 Chicago July 4th Fireworks!

Your July 4th celebration just wouldn’t be complete without a view of the fireworks! Every single year, many people flock to different locations throughout the city to enjoy a beautiful and breathtaking view of the fireworks. From events to local locations in Chicago, catching a good view of the fireworks can be a little hard. Luckily for you, we put together

Navy Pier 4th of July Things To Do

Celebrate your 4th of July in Chicago at the wonderful Navy Pier and make this year’s celebration unforgettable. The Navy Pier is home to many different things for you to do for the day. Whether you visit one of the many attractions or hop on a July 4th cruise, your Navy Pier 4th of July celebration will definitely be unforgettable. The Navy Pier

How to Spend Your 2017 Chicago July 4th

It’s almost that time for the Fourth of July to roll around in Chicago and this year you deserve to celebrate an unforgettable one. There’s always something going down in the city for you to celebrate a great Chicago July 4th, but where should you head and what should you do? Picking out somewhere to be for the holiday can be

Best 2016 Chicago Halloween Events

Halloween 2016 was perhaps one of the best holidays celebrated in Chicago this year. There were many great events going on this year to celebrate your Chicago Halloween. If you missed out on these events, you definitely need to check out what went down! These Halloween celebrations treated guests to the best parties they have ever experienced. Take a look

Chicago New Year’s Eve Fireworks – Best Views

Your New Year’s celebration just wouldn’t be complete without a view of the fireworks. The question is where should you go to see the fireworks this year? Luckily for you, Chicago has many different viewpoints for the New Year’s fireworks. Chicago has got you covered whether you want to see the fireworks up close or at an event. If you’re

Chicago Fireworks – The Best Places to View

Catching a great firework show in Chicago is not a hard thing to do. July 4th Chicago fireworks are not the only fireworks that go off in this great city. If you’re looking for the best days and places to catch some Chicago fireworks, then you’re in the right place. Take a look at some of these spots and enjoy