Sail on Our Chicago After Work Cruises

The workweek can leave anyone feeling drained and stressed out. No matter what day of the week it is, work just seems to always stress you out. The worse is coming back to work from a fun weekend and feeling the pressure from all the work that’s due. If you’re searching for an after work escape this week, we have just the right thing for you. This week, leave your office and hop on board one of our Chicago after work cruises! Setting sail every week on Monday and Tuesday, these cruises are exactly what you need to get over a stressful workday. Check out what our Chicago after work cruises offer you and book your tickets on board this week!

Get on Board Our Weekly Chicago After Work Cruises

Make your way to the pier this week when you leave the office and get on board the great Anita Dee II. This multileveled yacht is 140 ft. and has two decks for you to party on. Make your way to the top of the yacht and enjoy views right from the observation deck. Take in the views of the Chicago skyline, downtown Chicago, Lake Michigan, and so much more! The views that our Chicago after work cruise will be simply breathtaking. Bring along some friends or coworkers because this cruise is more than just a sightseeing experience.

A Party Experience on the Water

Our Chicago after work cruise will treat you to the sounds of a live DJ spinning your favorite tracks all night long. Move your body to the hits of this year’s Top 40, Hip-Hop, and Dance songs. Stay on the dance floor with your friends unless you’re heading to one of the bars on board. These Chicago after work cruises will treat you to fully stocked cash bars. Enjoy all of your favorite drinks as you sail and forget about the work you left at the office! Your bartenders will keep the drinks flowing all night as long as you’ve got cash in hand. When you leave the office this week on Monday and Tuesday, where will you be?

With a night full of views, music, and drinks, the Anita Dee II is calling your name when you leave work this week! Purchase your tickets on board the Anita Dee II and get on board our Chicago after work cruise this year! The solution to your work stress and problems awaits you on the waters of Lake Michigan.

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