Chicago Fireworks – The Best Places to View

Catching a great firework show in Chicago is not a hard thing to do. July 4th Chicago fireworks are not the only fireworks that go off in this great city. If you’re looking for the best days and places to catch some Chicago fireworks, then you’re in the right place. Take a look at some of these spots and enjoy a Chicago fireworks show today!

Chicago Fireworks- Weekly & Special Events:

The Navy Pier is probably the best spot to catch a firework show. This wonderful pier is a 3,300 foot-long pier that will give you the best viewpoint of any Chicago fireworks show going on. At the pier, fireworks are the most popular during the summer season. With dates starting as early as May and lasting all the way into the New Year, you’re guaranteed to get a show. The weekly fireworks begin Memorial Day weekend and go on until Labor Day weekend. These weekly shows occur every Wednesday and Saturday night over Lake Michigan with synchronized music.

While the Navy Pier hosts weekly firework shows as soon as the summer approaches, there are also shows that take place after summer. The shows that take place beside the weekly ones are either holiday fireworks or special sponsored shows. This past June a show took place to celebrate the Louis Vuitton America Cup World Series. The America Cup World Series is a racing circuit that features the best sailors from around the world competing against each other. Also this past July, the Navy Pier celebrated its 100th year anniversary with a great Chicago fireworks show. Many special events are hosted at the pier with a fireworks show accompanying it afterwards.

Another location worth checking out for Chicago fireworks is Itasca. Just a short drive west of Chicago, this July 4th show makes the trip worth it. It’s reported that this village spends an impressive $250,000 on its annual Independence Day celebration. The fireworks show is also accompanied by a 25-minute pyrotechnic show, so you’re in for a great time if you take the trip for this Fourth of July celebration.

Chicago Fireworks- Holiday Events:

Celebrating your Chicago holidays at the Navy Pier is a great decision to make. The pier is well known for hosting great events and parties to celebrate the holidays. A New Year’s Eve celebration at the Navy Pier is great especially with the annual Resolution Gala that occurs. While you enjoy the party in the Grand Ballroom, you will be in the perfect spot to catch the fireworks. The show presented by Miller Lite will be viewable from the pier as you welcome in the New Year.

The July 4th fireworks hosted by Miller Lite at the Navy Pier is also a spectacular show to witness. Spending your Fourth of July day at the pier is a great decision to make with all that goes on. You can enjoy everything from rides, food, and even boat tours! The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel is the best place to view the fireworks if you’re lucky to get a seat. As you ascend 150-feet above ground take a look at the city around you and snap some photos of the city and the fireworks!

A Halloween celebration is also no stranger to a Chicago fireworks show. Miller Lite will also host a Halloween fireworks show for you to enjoy. As you celebrate the holiday in your best costume, head to the pier and enjoy a wonderful view of the fireworks. While you can enjoy a great fireworks show at the Navy Pier, you can also book a ticket to a Halloween party going on. The Navy Pier will be hosting the Nightmare at the Pier event, which is a dual Chicago Halloween party. You will not only enjoy two Halloween parties, but also the fireworks at night as well!

For More Information:

There are many different days to view a Chicago fireworks show. Take a look at the list of shows currently scheduled now and make sure to check back frequently as more dates will be featured, as they are booked. If you would like to take a look at the firework shows currently being hosted at the Navy Pier, click here.