Money Saving Tips for Your Chicago July 4th Parties!

July 4th is right around the corner and let’s face it throwing a party can be expensive, especially a holiday party! If you plan on throwing a July 4th party, you definitely need some money saving tips to cut some costs. Chicago July 4th parties can be expensive to not only host but plan as well. We know things can get hard and you don’t have time to penny pinch every two seconds. That’s exactly why we put together some tips to help with throwing some amazing yet affordable Chicago July 4th parties this year!


Saving Money on Your Chicago July 4th Parties


  1. Free Invitations

You can definitely cut some costs by sending out free electronic invitations to all of your guests. These invitations are easy to send out and you can reach a mass audience all at once too! Sites such as will send out the electronic invitations for you and for free! Once your guests receive the invitation they will be placed in the “Not yet replied” category and once they reply to your invitation they are moved to the corresponding section of “attending,” “not attending,” or “maybe.”

  1. Decorate Simple

Let’s face it, the festive red, white, and blue decorations may make the event look amazing and over the top but do you really need to spend on the decorations? You can cut costs by opting for simple decorations for your party and taking advantage of dollar stores for simple pieces. While decorations may make the celebration feel complete, the money spent on these decorations could go towards more important things such as food and beverages. DIY decorations are always the best route to go and give you the opportunity to put your own twist on things!

  1. Make it Potluck

Chicago July 4th parties will be going on all around, so why not make yours different and inclusive by asking everyone to bring a dish. Not only will having your guests help with cutting costs, but it also allows people to get in on the fun. Tell your friends to bring either their favorite July 4th dish or ask them to bring something specific. By including everyone in the celebration, it makes the experience more friendly and open and also keeps a couple dollars in your pocket!

  1. Borrow Furniture

Of course, with the weather being nice and hot, you might want to take your party outdoors. By doing this, you’re going to have to provide seating for your guests throughout the night. If you don’t own the patio furniture, why not borrow it from a friend? After all, you might not even use the furniture again after you host your first July 4th party, which means you just wasted lots of money on some pointless chairs and furniture.

  1. Coupon Hunt

Before you head out to buy your party supplies, definitely take a look at some coupons either online or in circulars. Though this may be tedious, you will definitely save a couple of dollars on either condiments, beverages, party supplies, and everything in between. By using coupons, you’ll not only be throwing one of the best Chicago July 4th parties around but the most affordable! Check out sites such as for printable grocery coupons.

  1. Keeping the Grilling Costs Down

Sure, you may want to impress your guests with steaks and seafood, but what’s the point? It’s July 4th and burgers and hotdogs will for sure still please your guests. Buying these items frozen and in bulk will help cut costs and you can make them taste just as good by adding some seasonings!

  1. Keep Entertainment Cheap

Definitely, don’t go out of your way to impress your guests with over the top entertainment and settle for something that you can enjoy with everyone. Set up a volleyball net in the backyard or purchase some card games to keep thing social. Play music from a free music streaming service such as Spotify or Pandora. After all Chicago July 4th parties will always be fun as long as there is good food, entertainment, and drinks available!


  1. Keep the Fireworks

Now, of course, no July 4th celebration is complete without fireworks, but is it really necessary to host a fireworks show of your own? If you want to avoid having to provide fireworks for your guests, opt for sparklers or have your party end before the fireworks. You can also watch the fireworks televised live with your friends and still get the same effect somewhat.




  1. B.Y.O.B

If you didn’t know that stands for “Bring Your Own Bottle!” Making guests bring their own beverages not only ensures that you will have a lot to drink, but that you won’t have to go out of your way to provide drinks. If you have your guests bring bottles, you will definitely save lots of money on alcohol expenses. This also means that there will be lots of choices for drinks throughout the night too!

  1. Plan in Advance

It definitely helps to plan in advance when getting ready for your party. By planning in advance, you give yourself the opportunity to take advantage of sales before everything goes way up in price! Take a look at all online sales and plan out a menu of food and drinks so you know what you need to get and where you should get it. Planning Chicago July 4th parties can be stressful, but you can avoid this headache completely by getting organized and planning ahead!

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