Navy Pier New Year’s Eve 2017 Recap

The Navy Pier is one of Chicago’s top tourist attractions. This 3,300 foot-long pier is home to some of the best New Year’s celebrations around. When you spend your New Year at the Navy Pier, you are going to celebrate an unforgettable time. A Navy Pier New Year’s celebration is one like no other. To help you get an idea of the type of celebration that the Navy Pier hosts, we have put together the best Navy Pier New Year’s celebrations from 2016. Get a look at how some Chicago locals enjoyed their beginning of 2017 and get ready for your chance this year to welcome in 2018!

Navy Pier New Year’s Celebrations:


The 5th Annual Resolution Gala

Navy Pier New Year's Resolution Gala

The biggest Navy Pier New Year’s celebration that’s been going on for years now is the annual Resolution Gala at the Grand Ballroom. This event brings together over 3,000 guests to party and welcome in the New Year. The Resolution Gala has a fully catered stationed buffet and hors d’oeuvres provided by Chicago Signature Services. Guests enjoyed dishes such as fresh vegetable crudités, pasta primavera, grilled vegetable quesadillas and other tasty selections. The event also provided access to over 30 premium bars for the night as well! Guests also enjoyed their meal and drinks while listening to the sounds of a top Chicago live DJ all night long. At the strike of midnight, there was an unforgettable champagne toast with a view of the Navy Pier New Year’s fireworks that no other event provided!

The Resolution Gala is Chicago’s top New Year’s celebration that you can enjoy. The experience that you’re going to enjoy while at this event is one that you can’t find anywhere else. This year, the 6th Annual Resolution Gala is looking to share with you this same exact experience. To learn about ticket prices first and get all of your Navy Pier New Year’s information down, click here.


Navy Pier New Year’s Cruises

As well as offering you the best New Year’s parties and events to attend, the Navy Pier also has dining and entertainment cruises that depart from the pier. Give yourself a brand new way to celebrate New Year’s Eve with one of these cruises. There were multiple cruises that went out for the night to celebrate the New Year. The Odyssey yacht hosted a New Year’s Eve Fireworks Dinner cruise through Chicago. This cruise treated guests to a New Year’s plated dinner menu with a first course, an entrée, and desserts. Guests also enjoyed a platinum open bar for the night as well with live DJ entertainment on board. The added bonus of this cruise is the views of Chicago that guests received and the amazing view of the fireworks as well! Treat yourself to one of the Odyssey’s cruises this year by clicking here.

Navy Pier New Year's Cruise

The Mystic Blue also hosted a great New Year’s cruise for the night. This cruise treated guests to a New Year’s buffet dinner menu. Guests were able to enjoy dishes such as whole-roasted pork loin, honey and sesame chicken, baked ziti pasta, and even desserts! The cruise also hosted a platinum open bar with guests being able to order drinks all night long. On board was a live DJ spinning the top hits of the year to keep everyone on the dance floor dancing. Once midnight hit, everyone on board enjoyed a champagne toast while viewing the New Year’s fireworks from up close! If you would like to view Mystic Blue’s holiday cruises, click here.


For More Information:

You won’t have a dull day spending it at the Navy Pier with all that it offers. Catch a ride on the Centennial Wheel and view Chicago from 196 feet above the ground! If you’re afraid of heights don’t worry, the Navy Pier has an IMAX theater where you can catch a movie. The Navy Pier also hosted various New Year’s events such as the 16th Annual Fifth Third Bank Winter WonderFest. This festival features many different activities and attractions with over 170,000 square feet of entertainment for all ages.

Spend the whole day at the Navy Pier or head there for the night. No matter how you decide to spend your Navy Pier New Year’s celebration, you will enjoy it greatly. To view more information on the Navy Pier and its events, click here.

Navy Pier at night