New Year’s Resolutions- How to Keep Them!

New Year’s resolutions, we set them every year and really do make an attempt to stick with them throughout the year. Life can be busy and stressful making it hard to keep up with our New Year’s resolutions and fall back into bad habits. Many people end up not committing to their resolutions and seem to forget about them completely as the year passes by. Now, we all want to commit to our resolutions and want to actually see improvements in our life or ourselves. We all could use some help with keeping up with our resolutions, so here are some tips on how to commit to your New Year’s resolutions and see results from them!

Tips for Keeping Your New Year’s Resolutions:

Not everyone has the same New Year’s resolutions as everyone else; however, there are some resolutions that seem to be commonly made and universal. Here there will be tips for keeping the resolutions and tips for keeping up with your common New Year’s resolutions.

Staying Fit and Healthy:

1) Now the number one resolution that you seem to hear almost every year from almost everyone is to lose weight. Losing weight can be a hard and stressful situation in itself, but it must done especially if there are health issues involved. Now the answer here seems to be simple, just join a gym and stick to a diet, right? But, it’s actually much harder than it seems to fit in a workout session in your already busy day and to watch every little thing you eat. To make losing weight a little simpler, of course, you should have a gym membership as this will keep you healthy and fit, but how can you possibly fit gym time into your day?

New Year's resolutionStart with what you’re going to do during the day and write everything in between until the end of the day. Once that’s done look at the small gaps of time in between each event and throw some gym time into those empty spots. This may seem difficult at first and as if you have no time for yourself, but by going to the gym this is taking time for yourself. You’re not only committing to your New Year’s resolution, but you are also working on becoming a healthier and fit person.

Following a healthy diet also contributes to your weight gain and loss. You can prepare healthy meals for the week over the weekend or just make your meals the night before and package them for lunch the following day. Following a healthy and balanced diet along with going to the gym will all contribute to sticking to that resolution of losing weight. For all of this to work out, though, you must schedule your day out in advance and not wait until the last minute.

Setting Short-Term Goals:

2) You can make your New Year’s resolutions short-term goals instead of a yearly long goal. By doing this, the goal seems to be more attainable as opposed to feeling out of reach. For example, we could say by the end of May I would like to have at least $500 saved in my savings account. This would give us a time frame of 4 months to save up to $500 instead of saying by the end of the year I want to have $2,000 in my savings account.

When we set big goals we automatically get ahead of ourselves and start to think of how are we going to accomplish this goal by the end of the year. What are we going to do and what needs to get done, how can you not fall behind, we basically end up stressing ourselves out too much and eventually end up not accomplishing our New Year’s resolution. Setting smaller goals for yourself gives you a smaller time frame to accomplish things and allows you to possibly set up future goals with the extra time of the year that you have on your hands.

Organization is Key:

3) Staying organized is also a great way to keep up with your New Year’s resolutions. By doing this, you are creating a balance in your life and allowing yourself to do things one at a time. It is fairly easy to stay organized, but it does require commitment. You can either purchase a calendar or daily planner and write down everything you need to do for the day and what time it has to be done.

New Year's Resolutions

Visually seeing everything that you have to do will help you with seeing how much time you actually have for everything. When we keep things in our head, we tend to forget what we have to do or overestimate the amount of time we have for each task. Organization is key to keeping up with our lives and committing to the things that we want to do. By keeping our lives organized and seeing everything, we can fit everything into our schedules and really work at our resolutions.

Stay Positive and Stress-Free:

4) Probably the best advice to give for keeping up with your New Year’s resolution would have to be to just stay positive and have patience. By keeping a positive mindset and working towards your goal, you’re ensuring that you will accomplish your goals. If you have a negative mindset or don’t think that you can accomplish your resolutions you more than likely will not achieve your goals. Sticking to and accomplishing your goals takes a lot of mental strength and commitment. Everything that we want to do comes down to how we think and the environment that we place ourselves in. It’s psychologically proven that when you are in a good mood, you get more done. So for achieving those New Year’s resolutions this year, remember to stay positive and all great things happen over time and not overnight!

New Year's resolutions