Your New Year’s Resolutions That Might Not Work

Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions That Never Last:

January and the New Year are fast approaching and before you know it the New Year will be here. While you’re busy running around doing last minute holiday shopping and getting ready for all the holiday events approaching, you might just start talking about those New Year’s resolutions that you want to accomplish. Sure, every year you set a resolution and sometimes you might start it or you might not actually even get to it, but every year there’s always something. With the New Year fast approaching what will you set for a New Year’s resolution this time? Well in case you were thinking of setting anyone of these resolutions for your New Year’s resolution you might want to think again as these New Year’s resolutions just don’t seem to last throughout the year.

New Year's resolution

Losing Weight and Staying Fit:

This is probably the top New Year’s resolution for just about any and everyone. You will probably receive the same response anytime you ask someone what’s his or her resolution for the year to come. That answer seems to always be to either lose weight or to start going to the gym and become fit, new year, new body right? Everyone seems to have the same idea each year as gym memberships sell frequently and gyms become packed during the first week of the year. As time goes on, though, however, this New Year’s resolution just seems to become forgotten as bad habits never seem to subsidize and a lot of people realize they actually aren’t as horrible looking or as overweight as they think they may be.

Stop Smoking:

If you’re a smoker and are looking to kick this bad habit next year and hopefully you can, good luck. Many people set this resolution each year and fail to go through with it completely for whatever their reasons may be. Even though it is a new year you might find yourself still caught up with last year’s stress and troubles causing this New Year’s resolution to be a little difficult to accomplish.

Save Money and Be Debt Free:

Debt a not so fun feeling that I’m sure a lot of us have gone through, are going through or will probably go through. Every year you want to make some more money or have some more money for you to enjoy, but you just can’t seem to get out of debt or save some extra cash. Well with this New Year’s resolution it isn’t really anyone’s fault if they don’t accomplish it as throughout the year things may come up or you just can’t find a better paying job to get yourself out of the debt you’re in. Hopefully, with the New Year coming up, you’ll be able to get out of your debt and save up some extra money to enjoy in your year and even after!

Travel More:

Traveling the world a goal that mostly everyone has, we all want to travel and experience everything that the world has to offer, but does everyone actually get the opportunity to do so? Not exactly, sure they may travel to small local places, but not anything big and grand like they’re expecting to do. This may be your New Year’s resolution, but let’s face it traveling requires time, patience, early planning and of course money. When all of these factors come into play, you quickly realize that traveling all over the world to satisfy your wanderlust just isn’t possible without getting a nice big raise or maybe even a brand new job.

Stress Less and Live More:

Stress, something that everyone goes through and probably wishes they didn’t. From the time you wake up until the time you go to sleep, there can be something that can either stress you out before you leave the house or as you try to catch some sleep. Stress is just one of those annoying things that’s always going to be around no matter what you do. This New Year’s resolution is pretty hard to accomplish, as you will probably run into many things that will stress you throughout the year, but you can work on this resolution and live a less stressful life. You can remove some stress from your life in different ways. Whether it be by not letting little things bother you and consume your mind or just becoming more optimistic about life, there’s something that you can do to cope with your stress throughout the upcoming year!

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